Night Balance 

Philips Respironics® made in USA

A clinically proven positional sleep apnea therapy designed for excpetional patient comfort, convenience, acceptance and adherence.

Preserves natural sleep

NightBalance sends gentle vibrations that prompt patients to change sleeping position without disturbing their sleep.


Exceptional comfort

Patients with positional OSA felt that mask-free NightBalance was more comfortable than PAP.¹

Adjust easily to therapy

A built-in adaptation program helps gradually adjust patients to wearing and being treated by the device. Patents with positional OSA felt that NightBalance was easier to adjust to than PAP therapy.¹

Pair with a mobile app

The NightBalance mobile app is designed to make treatment progress easy to see.

Proven efficacy

The AHI during PSG on the NightBalance was not importantly different from a clinical perspective to that on PAP therapy

Greater adherence

Adherence with NightBalance was significantly higher than PAP in patients diagnosed with positional OSA. Studies show that using mobile apps to manage health can increase engagement and regular use.

Data-driven results

Adherence and positional sleep data is accessible to you via a streaming, cloud-based system.