DIFFUSTIK® Respiratory

Geratherm Respiratory® made in USA

The Geratherm Respiratory Diffustik is the ideal measurement device for lung diffusion, offering reliable, reproducible results from an infrared fast gas analyser. Diffustik has been developed as part of a modular system which can be expanded with the addition of further modules. Thus the carbon monoxide diffusion capacity (DLCO) and accompanying spirometry parameters, such as flow-volume and MVV, can be enhanced with other diagnostically relevant values, such as MIP/MEP, Rocc/Rint or respiratory resistance and lung volumes, with the addition of hardware and software options.


Patient comfort is always a priority for the designers at Geratherm Respiratory and the Diffustik is no exception designed around the height-adjustable measuring device, the device arm can be moved up and down easily and quickly by approximately 60 degrees and so offers the ability to perform examinations in either a sitting or standing position offering optimum patient comfort. The power of the Diffustik comes from the infrared fast gas analyser, enabling analysis of gas concentrations in real time during inspiration and expiration. The powerful BLUE CHERRY® software for pulmonary function diagnostic quickly calculates the results and displays user-friendly curve views along with the measurement values.