Omnilab Advanced +
Titration System

Philips Respironics® made in USA

Designed with you and your patients in mind, the OmniLab Advanced + is a full-featured, enhanced, and robust titration system. It's designed to help your staff perform titration studies easily and efficiently, even on complicated patients.


Nine sleep therapy modes - the most of any titration system

OmniLab Advanced + offers two CPAP modes (CPAP and Auto CPAP), six bi-level modes with Bi-Flex or AVAPS (Auto-Bi-level, S, S/T, autoSV, T, and PC), and the new AVAPS-AE mode.

Integrated system provides a harmonized solution

The system offers a cohesive harmonized solution for performing titration studies, working in conjunction with our OmniLab Connect and OmniLab Direct software.

AVAPS AE helps titrate your most complicated patients

With the added AVAPS AE mode, OmniLab Advanced + offers clinicians and sleep technicians an additional tool to assist them in titrating their most complicated patients.

Mask leak detection helps ensure quality of titration

The OmniLab Advanced + measures total and unintentional leak.

A quiet platform helps provide a good night's sleep

Quiet operation designed to help increase the effectiveness of your titration studies.

Eight-channel flexibility interfacing with non-Alice systems

When interfacing with non-Alice PSG systems, OmniLab Advanced + offers eight-channel flexibility.

Customizable reports to show you the information you need

Get the information most valuable to you or your patients from the OmniLab Advanced + customizable reports.

User-friendly features for ease and efficiency

OmniLab Advanced + is easy to operate, with user-friendly features that enhance your effectiveness.

Redesigned user software for improved user experience

This latest version of the OmniLab Advanced + comes with redesigned user software.