LoFlo EtCO2 Sensor

Philips Respironics® made in USA

A streamlined approach to capnography that connects to an Alice PSG system with a single USB connection.

Plug and play

Lo Flo offers a streamlined approach to capnography by using a single USB connection to Alice 6. The connection is digital, so no DC calibration is necessary. The LoFlo device can be moved easily from room to room to accommodate your patient’s study needs.


No calibration required

LoFlo is factory calibrated so there is no routine user calibration required. The accuracy rate will be verified using a calibrated flow meter every 12 months.

Small and convenient

LoFlo is Small, convenient, and easy to use. It allows simultaneous monitoring of flow and CO2. it is whisper-quiet. LoFlo uses an innovative sample cell and filter that are integrated into the sampling line. This effectively eliminates contamination of the internal system.