EverFlo® Oxygen Concentrator 5L

Philips Respironics ® made in USA

EverFlo oxygen concentrator by Philips Respironics has been developed to offer maximum patient compliance and comfort. Traditional oxygen concentrators are quite bulky, heavy, difficult to carry around and requiring plenty of maintenance to make them run problem-free. However, the EverFlo system is an innovative technology stationary oxygen concentrator that delivers Oxygen Therapy in the most simplified yet highly efficient manner.



  • A lightweight device- at only 31lbs. allows patients to transport it easily wherever needed

  • Sleek, small & stylish oxygen concentrator- a compact device, with fewer “medical” looking parts Requires low maintenance- patients do not have to change the filter for 2 years

  • Quiet operation

  • Extremely user-friendly oxygen concentrator allowing patients to become therapy compliant quickly


EverFlo oxygen concentrator is part of the Freedom Series of oxygen therapy products by Respironics. The main aim of the oxygen therapy devices in the range is to offer patients more freedom on all levels:

  • Freedom of mobility

  • Freedom from oxygen tanks/accessories deliveries

  • Freedom from complex maintenance issues

EverFlo oxygen concentrator represents a budget-friendly investment - the oxygen therapy costs are reduced significantly thanks to advanced integrated technology.


  • 40% lighter than its predecessors

  • 24% lower energy usage when compared to other devices in the same range

  • 15% less packaging

  • The EverFlo will provide you low cost, reliable oxygen therapy for home use.

  • The EverFlo stationary oxygen concentrator blends in easily with any home environment. Not too obvious, not medical looking, with a sleek and stylish design it will fit anywhere without making an impact.

  • The EverFlo has a nicely carved out handle which allows for easy and quick pick up and transportation. The humidifier bottle holder accommodates all bottle styles.