Easy® III PSG system

Cadwell® made in USA

32-Channel Easy III PSG Amplifier and Remote Input Box

Cadwell’s Easy III 32-channel high-quality PSG amplifier with integrated DC channels stays safely mounted to the wall or night stand. Easy III provides 4kHz sampling rate and bedside impedance checks. A color-coded Remote Input Box simplifies the connection of electrodes and sensors.

Cadwell EasyNet Patient Modules

Place your signals at the amplifier or on the patient with up to 12 EasyNet® Patient Modules for nasal pressure, oximetry, body position or limb movement actigraphy. Easy III PSG software can be installed on either computers supplied by Cadwell or computers managed and maintained by your hospital’s IT department.

Initialize, record, score and review both HSAT and PSG with Easy III PSG sleep software

Streamline your sleep diagnostic testing with integrated PSG and HSAT. Initialize, record, store and review both HSAT and PSG, performing all of your sleep diagnostics using the efficient Easy III PSG software and workflow.