Cascade® Pro IONM
Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring System

Cadwell® made in USA

  • The Cascade PRO is an innovative neuromonitoring solution in a portable, configurable package. Scalable from 16 to 32 channels with one or two amplifiers, the PRO can function as a cart-based or portable system that maximizes user-configuration choices and simplicity.

  • Monitor all modalities with Cascade IONM: SSEP, EMG, TEMG, MEP, EEG, DWave, BAEP, VEP, TOF, and Video.

Flexible Configurations

  • Choose one or two 16-channel PRO amplifiers

  • Add input extender pods to reach the operating table

The PRO Base Unit enables all-modality monitoring

  • Auditory EP stimulation

  • Visual EP stimulation

  • Electrosurgery detection

  • Noise detection

Transcranial Motor Stimulation

The TCS-1000 and TCS-4 offer transcranial motor stimulation with one or four fixed output pairs. This transcranial stimulation delivers high voltage, rapid trains of up to nine pulses (at 1000 Volts). With the TCS-4, up to four sets of single anode to single cathode output combinations can be created and switched between in the Cascade Surgical Studio software.

Electrical Stimulation

The ES-IX Simulator 2 offers high and low output stimulation with up to 16 outputs for various applications, such as peripheral nerve stimulation and direct nerve stimulation.

Patented quick-connect cable fasteners fast-track setup and tear-down.

Cascade Surgical Studio (CSS) Software. An intuitive and thoughtful user interface

Streamline your workflow, deliver clinical excellence, capture critical information, monitor all modalities, strengthen documentation, and stay connected.