Arc Apollo+® EEG system

Cadwell® made in USA

Portable, Wireless & Ambulatory EEG

Patients can move freely and comfortably with the compact Apollo+ system. Capture longer than 200 hours of continuous EEG data with the Apollo+ Recorder. Record more than 72 hours on one battery charge. Rechargeable nonproprietary lithium ion batteries enable longer recordings.

Capture environmental events during an ambulatory case

Capture clinically relevant patient events with built-in programmable patient event buttons on the recorder, Patient Event Switch, Patient Voice Event Microphone for synchronized voice events, and Q-Video Mobile 3.

Q-Video Mobile 3 HD Ambulatory Video Synchronizes with EEG

Rugged and durable design ensures that your equipment will be reliable patient after patient. Drop-tested 1 meter onto concrete, and IP22 water resistant. You can be comfortable sending it home with each ambulatory patient.

HD Video, auto-switching infrared lighting, onboard rechargeable batteries, and a monitor screen help patients easily capture video.

Synchronize voice events with clinical activity in the study data with the Patient Voice Event Microphone

Never lose a paper patient event log again. The patient voice event button automatically records and stores the patient’s voice in real time, and synchronizes it with the EEG.

Patients, nurses, or family can mark clinical activity in the software with the Ambulatory Patient Event Switch

The small, lightweight design of this new Patient Event Switch is optimal for smaller and pediatric patients utilizing a backpack solution for carrying the Apollo+ hardware.

Apollo+ Backpack

Kit the entire Apollo+ ambulatory system in the backpack for ease of transport for your outpatients.

Apollo+ Harness

Provide patient comfort and convenience with the front or back-worn harness for either the 64-channel amplifier (shown) or the 32-channel amplifier.

Clinical and Inpatient EEG Cases