About Medicare Services

For over 25 years, Medicare Services has been the number one company in the distribution and supplying of medical equipment in the respiratory, and ventilation fields for both homecare and healthcare, as we specialize in comprehensive array of sleep therapy and oxygen therapy equipment and supplies for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, COPD, Emphysema, and other medical conditions. 

As the company progressed and evolved, we’ve explored many other areas including cardiology, monitoring, neurology, surgery, and dentistry. What sets us apart from other companies is our high-end equipment, experience, extensive knowledge, and availability for any inquiries, all of which allowed us to partner up with the world’s top healthcare companies



Honesty and transparency: Trust is one of the pillars upon which our company is built upon, as we pride ourselves on our seamless and complete transparency when communicating with our esteemed clients.

Humanitarianism and Empathy: As we are based in a country where uncertainty for the future troubles the population, we find it paramount that we treat our customers with the utmost respect, and as family, as promoting human health is our number 1 priority at medicare services.

Professionalism: At Medicare Services, we train our employees to commit to the health needs of the community. With patients’ best interest in mind, we constantly seek to offer the best customer experience a company can provide.

Agility: Prepared, alert, and swift, our company is always on stand-by for any inquiry that might arise. We believe that responsiveness is a key element to quality of service, which is why we consider adaptability one of the key values that our company revolves around.

Optimism: Always looking forward, we believe that the past shapes the present, and the present shapes the future, which is why we always look ahead with a positive mental attitude, putting effort in building a brighter future for our country, and the people who rely on us to care for their healths. Considering that the healthcare system is something the country prides itself on, we aim to conserve and develop the field, in order to guide Lebanon towards a brighter tomorrow.

Support, cooperation, and collaboration: In order to fulfill the needs of our customers in a way that reflects on the quality of our products, we collaborate with the country’s best medical centers, laboratories, doctors, and bio-medical engineering experts. This complex structure of communication allows for continuous customer support, and ensures that patients receive the top of the line service that they deserve.


“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”


“True success is all about working towards meaningful goals and dreams.”